One of Yorkshires best waterfalls – Cow Close Gill Waterfall or ‘Middle Falls’

This stunning waterfall actually has no name – quite surprising about considering how picturesque it is. On google maps it’s referred to as Middle Falls, and elsewhere it’s referred too as Cow Close Gill Falls as its on Cow Close Gill. It’s not too far away at all from Cray Gill waterfall – but not to be confused with it. Not many people have heard of this waterfall compared to the more well-known waterfalls in Yorkshire, and you won’t see many photos of it as it’s a little off the beaten track in Upper Warfdale, however its quite near a roadside parking spot, and can actually be seen on the drive, but few actually park up and walk right up to the waterfall. If you do like your waterfalls like me, then I highly recommend paying a visit to this place if you’re in this quiet part Yorkshire, please note though that it looks it’s absolute flowing best just after heavy rainfall. The waterfall can turn into more of a trickle if theer has been no rain! 

Middle Falls Cow Close Gill Waterfall Buckden Yorkshire Dales
Cow Close Gill Waterfall or Middle Falls – One of my favourite Yorkshire Waterfalls. Read on to learn where it is…


Location of Cow Close Gill Waterfall or ‘Middle Falls’

Below is the google map location for this stunning waterfall – which on google maps is referred to as ‘Middle Falls’


The stunning ‘Cow Close Gill Waterfall’ or ‘Middle Falls’


My favourite view is from the bottom of the falls but you can easily venture up it to view all tiers and even stand right on the top. This photo is taken after heavy rainfall – and in the dry summer months it can dry up quite a bit!

Map route of the shortest walk to Cow Close Gill Waterfall or ‘Middle Falls’


For a very quick walk to check out the waterfalls – there is road side parking for a couple of cars near Cray High Bridge, just north of Buckden – and then there is a short walk of 0.26 miles to the falls in the direction shown above – note you can’t walk in a straight line to the Click the button below to view the interactive OS Maps route. 

A longer walk in Upper Wharfdale – taking in a few waterfalls in the area


If you want more of a leg stretcher – then this 5.6 mile walk from Buckden is a really good walk. You’ll head north out of Buckden on the ‘Buckden Rake’ path – where you’ll take a little detour to get up close to Cow Close Gill waterfalls. From there you’ll walk a little bit on the road to take in Cray Gill Waterfalls and then head west on a footpath giving excellent views of Upper Wharfdale, then down to Hubberholme and finally back to Buckden along the Dales Way. Click the button below to view the full interactive map route. 

Recommended Map App

I've tried a few apps and settled on OS Maps, where you can access all the detailed UK Mapping you need. You can plan, save and download maps, such as those on this site, direct to your phone, and even see where you are on a route even when you have no signal - so you won't get lost!



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